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New Expansion to Florida's Mennello Museum(佛罗里达门内洛博物馆的新扩建部分)——Brooks + Scarpa and KMF

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设计师:Brooks + Scarpa和KMF建筑事务所 设计公司:Brooks + Scarpa和KMF建筑事务所

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Brooks_Scarpa_Mennello_Museuma003.jpgBrooks Scarpa and KMF Architects have designed a new expansion to theMennello Museum of American Art in Orlando, Florida. The 40,000 square-foot project will integrate with the existing museum building to increase the number and quality of programs, opportunities, and amenities for the institution's growing audiences. The team aims to create a welcoming and inclusive space for exhibitions as a new cultural destination on Lake Formosa.

The Mennello Museum expansion is made to preserve and reimagine the site's green space, the Dr. Phillips Home, walking and bike paths, and the sculpture garden. The $20 million project will include multi-purpose spaces for earned income; events, weddings, classrooms, and conference room, as well as the ability to seat 250 and accommodate 400 for standing indoor & outdoor events. Michael A. Mennello, the museum’s founder, said that, "My late wife, Marilyn and I opened the museum in November 1998. We were avid art collectors who had a dream to create an intimate cultural gem. Never in a million years did I dream I would be alive to see our museum become a global destination for world-class American Art for all to enjoy.”

Lawrence Scarpa wanted the project to align with the museum’s goals: "The Mennello Museum’s design is both futuristic and timeless. The design mirrors the objective of the artwork inside: It tells a story and furthers the Museum’s mission to be a place of education, culture, and inspiration. 

More than just a building, it is a civic place for social interaction, bringing people closer to art, each other and to nature, providing an opportunity for new, immersive, art experiences. The building is organized as a series of highly engaging spaces where the Museum’s mission of usingart to connect people to the world around them can unfold."Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer touched on the museum’s vision and expansion, 

saying that, "There is no denying that the arts are the soul of a city. 

World-class cities place enormous value on their museums and expect them to deliver art and culture that enriches lives. I believe our museum to be one of Orlando’s most beautiful cultural assets. Our residents value the 

Mennello Museum, and as the museum reaches more people in our community, through more family-friendly programs, compelling exhibitions, and timely events, I am happy that the Museum has developed a road map for the future that includes significant design that can help define what an Art Museum can be in the 21st Century."Shannon Fitzgerald, Executive Director, stated that, "Our plan is inclusive, welcoming, and sustainable.  With the open expansion, we will serve more in our community with a mission-driven 

building designed to seamlessly merge art, education, nature, dwell, respite, function, and form. We started with visionary ideas on how to make the museum more cohesive and increase public access and with Brooks Scapa and KMF Architects’ brilliant partnership, the visionary has been put into action—a very exciting moment for us all!”

News via Mennello Museum of American Art

设计公司:Brooks Scarpa和KMF建筑事务所




Brooks Scarpa和KMF建筑事务所设计了位于佛罗里达州奥兰多的Mennello美国艺术博物馆的新扩建部分。这个40000平方英尺的项目将与现有的博物馆建筑相结合,以增加项目的数量和质量,增加机会,并为该机构不断增长的观众提供便利设施。团队的目标是为展览创造一个热情和包容的空间,作为福尔摩沙湖新的文化目的地。

门内洛博物馆的扩建是为了保护和重新想象基地的绿色空间,菲利普斯博士的家,步行和自行车道,以及雕塑花园。这个2000万美元的项目将包括用于赚取收入的多功能空间;活动,婚礼,教室,会议室,以及容纳250个座位和400多个站立室内和室外活动的能力。博物馆的创始人迈克尔·a·门内洛(Michael A. Mennello)说:“我已故的妻子玛丽莲和我于1998年11月开放了博物馆。我们是狂热的艺术收藏家,梦想创造出一种亲密的文化瑰宝。我做梦也没想到在我有生之年,我们的博物馆会成为世界级美国艺术的全球目的地,供所有人欣赏。”


奥兰多市长巴迪·戴尔在谈到博物馆的愿景和扩建时说:“不可否认,艺术是城市的灵魂。世界一流的城市非常重视他们的博物馆,并期望他们能够提供丰富生活的艺术和文化。我相信我们的博物馆是奥兰多最美丽的文化资产之一。我们的居民价值Mennello博物馆,博物馆达到更多的人在我们的社区,通过更多的家庭计划,引人注目的展览、博物馆和及时的事件,我很高兴已经开发了一个对未来的路线图,包括重要的设计可以帮助定义一个艺术博物馆可以在21世纪。执行董事香农·菲茨杰拉德表示:“我们的计划是包容的、受欢迎的、可持续的。”随着开放的扩展,我们将为社区提供更多的服务,设计一个以使命为导向的建筑,无缝地融合艺术、教育、自然、居住、休息、功能和形式。我们从富有远见的想法开始,如何使博物馆更有凝聚力,增加公共访问,加上Brooks Scapa和KMF建筑事务所的卓越合作,远见已经付诸行动,这对我们所有人来说都是非常激动人心的时刻!”



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