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Museum of Liverpool(利物浦博物馆)--3XN

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设计师:3XN,text, Buro Happold 设计公司:3XN

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建筑师:text, Buro Happold,

面积:13000.0 m2

Text description provided by the architects. The new Museum of Liverpool, opening on July 19th will not only tell the story of its importance as one of the World’s great ports or about its cultural influence, such as with the Beatles phenomenon. It will also serve as a meeting point for History, the People of Liverpool and visitors from around the globe. Therefore, according to the Architect, Kim Herforth Nielsen, the structure functions as much more than just a Building or a Museum.

As the largest National Museum to be built in the UK in over 100 years, and situated on a UNESCO World Heritage Site next to Liverpool’s famous ’Three Graces,’ Principal Architect and Creative Director at 3XN Kim Herforth Nielsen was fully aware of the magnitude of the challenge, when it came to designing the new Museum of Liverpool.’This is one of the largest and most prestigious projects in 3XN’s 25 year 

history. The Museum’s design is a result of a very rigorous process, where it was of utmost priority to listen to the city inhabitants, learn the city’s history and understand the potential of the historical site that the Museum now sits upon.’

The result is a dynamic low-rise structure which enters into a respectful dialogue with the harbour promenade’s taller historical buildings. This interaction facilitates a modern and lively urban space. The design is reminiscent of the trading ships which at one time dominated the harbour, while the fa?ade’s relief pattern puts forward a new interpretation of the historical architectural detail in the ‘Three Graces.’ The enormous gabled windows open up towards the City and the Harbour, and therefore symbolically draw history into the Museum, while at the same time allow the curious to look in.

The Museum lies along the Mersey River in the center of Liverpool, and will function as a nexus, in that it physically connects the Harbour promenade with the Albert Dock, which today contains restaurants, museums and boutiques. The outdoor areas around the Museum offer seating with views to the water adding to the dynamic urban environment and serving as a meeting point for locals and visitors alike. The theme is carried through into the Museum of Liverpool’s central atrium, with its sculptural sweeping staircase leading up to the galleries further encouraging social interaction. All of these functions result in Kim Herforth Nielsen choosing to describe the Museum as a structure that unites Liverpool.

’This Museum connects the city together on many levels - physically, socially and architecturally. The idea of creating a Museum as a nexus in both physical and symbolic expression has been central from the start. I am very satisfied to see that this ideal is carried out to the full in the completed structure.’

A striking new addition to LiverpoolDr David Fleming OBE, Director of National Museums Liverpool, is thrilled with 3XN’s design and looks forward to welcoming visitors to the museum:To design the building we appointed Danish architects 3XN, who responded to our requirement (…) The resulting structure is a striking addition to the Liverpool cityscape. I can't wait to open the doors to visitors to show off our new museum and encourage others to discover more about this extraordinary city.’

建筑师提供的文本描述。将于7月19日开放的新利物浦博物馆不仅将讲述它作为世界上最伟大的港口之一的重要性,也将讲述它的文化影响,比如披头士现象。它还将成为历史、利物浦人民和来自世界各地游客的交汇点。因此,根据建筑师Kim Herforth Nielsen的说法,这个结构不仅仅是一个建筑或博物馆。

作为最大的国家博物馆建在英国在100年,和位于一个联合国教科文组织的世界遗产利物浦著名的“三雅,”首席架构师和创意总监3 xn金正日Herforth尼尔森完全意识到挑战的大小,当它来到利物浦新博物馆的设计。“这是3XN公司25年历史上规模最大、最负盛名的项目之一。博物馆的设计是一个非常严格的过程的结果,倾听城市居民的声音,了解城市的历史,了解博物馆现在所处的历史地点的潜力是最重要的。”

其结果是一个动态的低层结构,与海港步行街较高的历史建筑形成了尊重的对话。这种互动促进了一个现代的、活跃的城市空间。设计让人联想到曾经统治港口的商船,而立面的浮雕图案则对“三雅”的历史建筑细节提出了新的诠释。“巨大的山墙窗面向城市和港口,因此象征性地将历史引入博物馆,同时让好奇的人可以看到里面博物馆位于利物浦市中心的默西河沿岸,将起到一个枢纽的作用,因为它在物理上连接了港口步行街和艾伯特码头,现在那里有餐馆、博物馆和精品店。博物馆周围的室外区域提供了可以看到水的座位,增加了动态的城市环境,并作为当地人和游客的聚集点。该主题通过雕塑般的旋转楼梯进入利物浦博物馆的中庭,通向画廊,进一步鼓励社会互动。所有这些功能导致Kim Herforth Nielsen选择将博物馆描述为一个团结利物浦的结构。“这个博物馆在很多层面上把城市连接在一起——身体上,社会上和建筑上。将博物馆作为物理和象征表达的纽带,这一想法从一开始就很重要。我非常满意地看到,这一理想在完整的结构中得到了充分的实现。”




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